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Temple Of Awakening

Rejuvination for the Body, Mind and Soul.

"We must look after the temple that is our body, but we must also look after the soul that resides inside". Gaia Sofia

Cryosauna for healing
CRYOSAUNA - Sports Injury, Illness, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Total body Rejuvination, Fatigue, Illness
Ozone Therapy - Medical benefits are immense, used to terminate all primitive cells and oxygenate the entire blood system.
Group sessions
Sound Healings, Meditation


Temple Moto:

"To love and recognise each other as one. To love and recognise all living things as part of the whole. To ascend from your material being and operate from your Soul., because your Soul is who you really are. To identify with your Soul means you identify with each other as God creation."

The First Orgone healing temple in the world. "Daily Mail" "Mirror" "Express" 2016

The temple is the calling of Gaia Sofia, who has had a very sacred awakening.  She has worked with various Shamans and healers over the years and has not only taught knowledge, but holy knowledge. She works with angels and energies, connecting one back to the soul, removing stuck energies in the body which may result from current life, childhood or past lives. She has many special gifts including contact with the spirit world as a channel. Sofia spent 6 months training in energetic healing and soul connection, with past life regression, and is trained in Reiki, sound healing, energetic pranic healing, and many more techniques, all used in different ways for each person. She is guided by your energies and the angels as to what needs to be unblocked, cleared, reconnected within the body.  Although she has had formal training, her gift is one that is not taught. 


 The temple also invites spiritual practitioners from all over the world, from all communities, including, Shamanic, Yogic, Chanting mantra healing, Buddhist, Hindu and many more ancient practices. 


Prior to this, she was a famous actress and singer, and had a successful career in India. The spirituality combined with fast pace of Mumbai, bought her to meditation. Through meditation with Shamans and through her angelic visitations, and awakening of her incarnations. She still makes TV appearances on Spirituality and her enlightenment all over the world.

The temple is unique in that it offers not only inner healing and peace, but rejuvination, based on non evasive methods. As an actress, Sofia has in depth knowledge on how to keep the face rejuvenated and ageless, as being on camera one had to look great. A lot of clinics focus solely on the looks of a person, here we take a holistic approach to beauty working with your spiritual energies as well as you physical energies and appearance.


"I know all of our physical and mental problems can be healed when we remove stuck energies and know ourselves inside. See, we consist of 3 parts, Physical, Soul spirit and Electrical. Once we release old energies and programs from these, we can create miracles and infinite joy, because ultimately, thats what we are."


                       Gaia Sofia Maria Hayat

Temple Of Awakening


In The Press:

Sofia Hayat

Gaia Mother Sofia



Temple Of Awakening

Any profit made after expenses all goes back into charities that Gaia Mother Sofia supports. Currently she is working with a girls Orphanage in Mumbai called Bhal Bhavan In Andheri. She is aiming to raise enough money to send the girls to school. The schooling for 1 year, 1 child, costs 24000 INR or around £300. She also works with children in Prison in India and children with HIV. The money does not go in the hands of any government of charity body, Mother Sofia travels herself to India and makes sure the money goes directly to the children. Mother Sofia goes out and buys books, and food and clothes and whatever they may need. Anyone wishing to donate can do so. Anyone who is low income and needs a healing can email Mother Sofia for a concession.

Group Sessions


monthly schedule


Click here for Information on services for Face and Body and for booking any of our Healing and Holistic treatments.

To make a donation to the orphanage or            Temple, please click below.                          


Temple Of Awakening

I came to Sofia because I was clincally infertile. I wanted to be healed from the depression arising from this. After 2 hours with Sofia, I could feel my ovaries working again, it really was that incredible. I went back to my doctor and his mouth dropped on the floor and said I was extremely fertile, he was so shocked. I have successfully frozen my eggs. Mother Sofia was exactly what I needed. THANKYOU!
Liz - Los Angeles
I was suffering from depression for over 5 years and really had lost the will to live. I went to see Mother Sofia twice, and after the second session, I got up and was full of joy, and said to her, I want to live. My life has changed thanks to her. She has a true gift. Life is great again, better even. Namaste
Federica - Italy
Since my father died, everything started to go wrong in my life, with my business, personal life, illnesses. i was sure someone did some black magic on me. I went to See Sadhvi Mother Sofia and I told her nothing. I felt her energy and started crying. She put her hands on me and she started crying, she removed a dark energy. I felt it. That day my life changed. I am so happy and mu life is on track again. I can not thank her enough. 
Anjali. India


I went to see Mother Sofia because my life was fraught with negativity, I had seen more than my fare share of tears. Mother immediately felt a spirit in me which was with me since birth. I was carrying my grandfathers spirit, he didnt want to leave this earth so rode on mine. That day I saw my soul fly around the room. It was like my birthday, I was finally free. my life has changed since then. My health is better and my personla life less fraught with negative incidents. Thankyou Mother. I love you.
Sujit - India
My partner died in a car accident, and I always needed closure. I went to Mother Sofia who channeled him. It was so comforting to speak with him again. It gave me the closure I needed, for that I am so greatful to the sacred Holy Mother Sofia
A. Klein - London
I run a number of companies, and have taken over my family business recently, which requires a lot of responsibility. My state of mind is important, so that I make the right decisions for my personal and business life. I see Sofia regularly when I need to re align myself, or if I have business or personal issues that need to be tackled. Sofia always puts me on the right track. Her energy and wisdom are out of this world.
Anonymous. Forbes Billionaire
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